October 1, 2021

October 2021: Where are therapeutics succeeding and where is more research needed to target the mechanism for genetic disorders?

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Researchers are still laying the groundwork in the search for therapeutics that target the mechanism for genetic disorders leading to new treatments. On this month’s GenePod, authors of two recently published articles in Genetics in Medicine discuss where trials for such molecules are succeeding and where there is still more research to be done to determine the efficacy and safety of new treatments.

Ravi Savarirayan, professor of genetics at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute discusses the long-term study of vosoritide – the first drug to be approved to treat achondroplasia in Europe with ongoing FDA review in the United States. 

Maxime Luu, at the University Hospital of Dijon, explains why a trial to treat PIK3CA overgrowth spectrum (PROS) with the breast cancer drug taselisib was halted and, nevertheless, how this promising line of research may proceed in the future.