Erratum| Volume 17, ISSUE 5, P427, May 2015

Erratum: Blood ammonia and glutamine as predictors of hyperammonemic crises in patients with urea cycle disorder

        Brendan Lee MD, PhD, George A. Diaz MD, William Rhead MD, PhD, Uta Lichter-Konecki MD, Annette Feigenbaum MD, Susan A. Berry MD, Cindy Le Mons, James A. Bartley MD, Nicola Longo MD, PhD, Sandesh C. Nagamani MD, William Berquist MD, Renata Gallagher MD, PhD, Dennis Bartholomew MD, Cary O. Harding MD, Mark S. Korson MD, Shawn E. McCandless MD, Wendy Smith MD, Stephen Cederbaum MD, Derek Wong MD, J. Lawrence Merritt II MD, Andreas Schulze MD, PhD, Jerry Vockley MD, PhD, David Kronn MD, Roberto Zori MD, Marshall Summar MD, Douglas A. Milikien MS, Miguel Marino PhD, Dion F. Coakley Pharm D, Masoud Mokhtarani MD, the UCD Consortium and Bruce F. Scharschmidt MD
        Genet Med advance online publication, December 11, 2014; doi:10.1038/gim.2014.148
        In the published version of this manuscript, on page six, in the first paragraph, the percentages of the most commonly reported clinical symptoms were incorrect. The correct percentages are “vomiting (63%), lethargy (33%) and ‘other’ (41%).” The publisher regrets the error.
        In addition, two names were listed incorrectly: Mark Yudkoff’s name was incorrectly cited in the Acknowlegments section, and Jerry Vockley’s name was incorrectly cited in the author list. The authors regret the errors.

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